IRSEA is built on the system of a think-tank with an aim to bring its contribution for promoting the values of Europe in Asia and those of Asia in Europe, being a strong believer of the reciprocal benefits of a consolidated partnership between Europe and Asia. IRSEA is working for a more robust interaction between Europe and Asia.

The most important factor to create and develop friendly relations it is the reciprocal knowledge of each other.

FOCUS-ASIA is meant to serve the very  purpose, mentioned above, particularly for young generation.


As far as Southeast Asia is concerned, one could identify several important developments. The first reference goes to the process of integration, launched in 2015,  which is known  as ASEAN COMMUNITY, based on three pillars: political and security, economic and social and cultural and having as motto – one vision, one identity, one community. It represents a great achievement for ASEAN as regional organization of economic cooperation having 1967 as the start. In fact, ASEAN became the driving force in the regional political, strategic, economic, social and cultural regional architecture. A chain of dialogue partners has been established with participation of all world heavy artillery.

In the Chairman’s Statement of the 32nd ASEAN Summit, held in Singapore, on April 29 2018 it is stated: “We reaffirmed the importance of maintaining ASEAN Centrality and unity in our Community-building efforts and engagement of external partners. We welcomed initiatives that reinforce an ASEAN-centric regional architecture that is open, transparent, inclusive and rules-based. These initiatives will build upon ASEAN-led mechanisms including the ASEAN Plus One, ASEAN Plus Three (APT), East Asia Summit (EAS), ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), and ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus). We looked forward to further discussion on recent initiatives, including the Indo-Pacific concept”. Chairman's Statement of the 32nd ASEAN Summit - ASEAN | ONE ...

Approaching between ASEAN and EU is a very significant development with a long and standing substance. It served as a lucky ground to reach the stage of creation in 1996 the Asia Europe Meeting (ASM) – a dialogue meant to approach the two continents.

Certainly, there are also situations of conflicts as well as attempts to overcome them.

                                                                                                PRESIDENT OF IRSEA

                                                                                                Former Ambassador Gheorghe SAVUICA

All articles, studies and writings in this chapter do not represent the official view of IRSEA.




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